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Nativity of Our Lady, September 8

Catholic Feast. “Your birth, oh Virgin Mary!, Was joyful news for the world; because from You was born the Sun of righteousness, Christ our Lord, who by destroying the curse gave us the blessing, and by defeating death, gave us… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Extremadura, Spain) September 6

Catholic Feast. (This feast is not to be confused with the Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico.) Among the famous sanctuaries that are raised throughout the Spanish territory in honor of the Mother of God, one of the… Continue Reading →

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, August 29

Catholic Feast. “That is not lawful for you!” The Baptist said to Herod with unbreakable strength, who was publicly living in adultery with his sister-in-law Herodias. The evil female swore mortal hatred to him, and did not rest until she… Continue Reading →

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, August 22

Feast. It is only just that, with the triumphant spread of the salubrious devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the world, we also pay fervent worship to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, throne of grace, whose devotion… Continue Reading →

The Assumption of Our Lady, August 15

Catholic Feast. The Mother of God went through the trance of death; but her death, caused by love and desire to be with her Divine Son, was similar to a most sweet dream; shortly after, her soul returned to run… Continue Reading →

Vigil of the Assumption, August 14

Catholic Feast. Today is the day to purify our spirit and prepare it to celebrate the glorious triumph of the Mother of God. V: Most Blessed Mother.A: Pray for us.

Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ, August 6

Catholic Feast. This feast was extended to the entire Church by the Spanish Pope Calixto III, to commemorate the victory of the Cross on the walls of Belgrade, where the proud conqueror of Constantinople, Mahomet II, crashed, threatening to subjugate… Continue Reading →

Dedication of the Basilica of St Mary of the Snows, August 5

Dedication of the patriarchal basilica of Saint Mary Major, named that way for being the greatest of all the temples in Rome consecrated to the Mother of God. It is also called Sanit Mary of the Manger because it keeps… Continue Reading →

The Invention of St. Stephen Or The Discovery Of His Relics, August 3

Catholic Feast. Protomartyr. At the beginning of the century the sacred relics of the Holy Protomartyr were discovered, and solemnly transferred to Jerusalem. This is the feast that the Church celebrates today. V: Saint Stephen.A: Pray for us.

The Triumph of the Holy Cross July 17

Feast. It is celebrated in Spain. The glorious crusade of the Spanish Reconquest, which began in the mountains of Asturias and ended in the fertile plain of Granada, is one of the most momentous events in our religious and civil… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Mount Carmel July 16

Catholic Feast. From Mount Carmel there appeared in Europe in the 13th century, along with the Crusaders, some hermits called Brothers of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel. Its rule was approved in 1245. On July 16, 1251, the heavenly Lady… Continue Reading →

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary July 2

Catholic Feast. Barely had the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word taken place, when Mary went from Nazareth to Judea to visit and assist her cousin St. Elizabeth. To the greeting of Mary, John rejoices in the bowels of… Continue Reading →

Feast of the Holy Family, January 10

Catholic Feast. Today the humble little house of Nazareth opens before our eyes, where Jesus, Mary and Joseph sanctify family life with ineffable virtues, so that we can imitate them in our domestic life, and thus we can live eternally… Continue Reading →

Epiphany of Our Lord, January 6

Catholic Feast. Epiphany means manifestation. On this day Jesus manifests himself to the Gentile world, represented in the Magi from the East. Isaiah sees kings and nations, who come from across the sea to the new Jerusalem, the Catholic Church,… Continue Reading →

Most Holy Name of Jesus, January 3

Catholic Feast. In the act of Circumcision, by divine decree, imparted first to Mary (Lk. I, 31) and then to Joseph (Mt. I, 31), the Child God received the name Jesus. The name that means the office of Savior, which… Continue Reading →

Feast of the Sacred Relics, November 5

Catholic Feast The Church today celebrates the Relics of the Saints that are venerated in their own Churches. The altar of each altar carries a sepulcher, where relics are kept. There are infinity of relics in the churches, most worthy… Continue Reading →

Feast of All Saints, November 1

Catholic Feast Today the Catholic Church celebrates not only the Canonized Saints, but, together with them, all the souls who left this world in the grace of God, and purified in purgatory, already enjoy the divine vision in heaven. Saint… Continue Reading →

Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

Catholic Feast In the temporal order, Jesus Christ is King of the whole world. Whoever denies it would be seriously wrong, since He has received from the Father an absolute dominion over all creation. But being King by law, in… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of the Pillar, October 12

Catholic Feast This is a great day for Spain. In it he celebrates the coming of Our Lady, in mortal flesh, to Zaragoza, to erect in her the sacred Pillar, the unshakable column of our faith. On this day, the… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7

Catholic Feast On Sunday, October 7, 1571, the Turkish squad, terror of Europe, was defeated in Lepanto by the squad of Spain, the Pope and Venice, led by a twenty-one-year-old young man, Don Juan de Austria. To commemorate this triumph… Continue Reading →

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