Our Project
Viva Cristo Rey Multimedia

Greetings! On this occasion, we have decided to include our mission and some of the plans that, if it is the will of God, we want to complete in the near future.

Our Mission

We are a traditional Catholic multimedia organization that wants
to fight publishers and institutions that are consumed in their desire to produce content full of impurities, blasphemy, heresy and apostasy. We want to oppose them and provide souls with an option contrary to all the evil that exists in the media today. We want to be able to produce enough professional content to give refuge to all the souls that are thirsty for educational and moral content.

Our Plans

Here is a short list of the projects in which we are involved in at
the moment:

• We are making a concerted effort to bring new editions of
unknown books of saints to the market.

• We are doing research on forgotten devotions that have been
approved by previous Popes in previous centuries and we
wish to bring these forgotten devotions to the general public.

• We want to translate books of saints who are only available
in English to other languages. Primarily Spanish.

• We want to translate books of saints that are only available in
Latin to English and Spanish, primarily.

• We are in the initial stages of designing products such as board games, children’s clothing, but with a catholic theme.

This organization is starting. We were established in the year 2017.

Kindly support us by sharing vivacristorey.org with your friends
and family.

Project Sponsors

At vivacristorey.org, we plan not only to bring forth paid products but also free Catholic content of which souls may benefit.

Content such as:

  • Spiritual tools
  • Catholic prayers both prominent and forgotten
  • Homeschooling
  • The Bible
  • Catholic councils
  • Papal Enclyclicals
  • Saint of the day
  • Catholic audiobooks
  • Catholic Videos
  • Catholic books

If you wish to monetarily help promote the free content part of our project and help spread the Catholic message, consider donating through Paypal. We thank you for your kindness.