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We invite you to view our inventory of books here at vivacristorey.org. One can learn a lot from prayer and from the writings of Catholic authors. So welcome! Welcome!

A further description of the leviathan – Book of Job, chapter 41

1views 0share[1] I will not stir him up, like one that is cruel: for who can resist my countenance? [2] Who hath given me before that I should repay him? All things that are under heaven are mine. [3] I… Continue Reading →

Ozias reign – 2 Paralipomenon, chapter 26 (2 Chronicles)

1views 0shareOzias reigneth prosperously, till he invadeth the priests’ office, upon which he is struck with a leprosy. [1] And all the people of Juda took his son Ozias, who was sixteen years old, and made him king in the… Continue Reading →

David goeth again to Achis king of Geth – 1 Samuel, chapter 27 (1st Kings)

1views 0shareDavid goeth again to Achis king of Geth, and obtaineth of him the city of Siceleg. [1] And David said in his heart: I shall one day or other fall into the hands of Saul: is it not better… Continue Reading →

The reign of Osee – 4th Book of Kings, chapter 17

1views 0shareThe reign of Osee. The Israelites for their sins are carried into captivity: other inhabitants are sent to Samaria, who make a mixture of religion. [1] In the twelfth year of Achaz king of Juda, Osee the son of… Continue Reading →

The wicked reign of Achaz – 4th Book of Kings, chapter 16

1views 0shareThe wicked reign of Achaz: the kings of Syria and Israel war against him: he hireth the king of the Assyrians to assist him: he causeth an altar to be made after the pattern of that of Damascus. [1]… Continue Reading →

The age and time of the Levites’ service: their offices and burdens – Numbers, chapter 4

1views 0share[1] And the Lord spoke to Moses, and Aaron, saying: [2] Take the sum of the sons of Caath from the midst of the Levites, by their houses and families. [3] From thirty years old and upward, to fifty… Continue Reading →

The Israelites are defeated at Hai – Joshua, chapter 7

2views 0shareFor the sins of Achan, the Israelites are defeated at Hai. The offender is found out; and stoned to death, and God’s wrath is turned from them. [1] But the children of Israel transgressed the commandment, and took to… Continue Reading →

The sons of Jacob – Genesis, chapter 43

1views 0shareThe sons of Jacob go again into Egypt with Benjamin. They are entertained by Joseph. [1] In the mean time the famine was heavy upon all the land. [2] And when they had eaten up all the corn, which… Continue Reading →

The Prayer of Judith – Book of Judith, chapter 12

1views 0shareJudith goeth out in the night to pray: she is invited to a banquet with Holofernes. [1] Then he ordered that she should go in where his treasures were laid up, and bade her tarry there, and he appointed… Continue Reading →

Of the power of God in the behemoth and the leviathan – Book of Job, chapter 40

1views 0share[1] And the Lord answering Job out of the whirlwind, said: [2] Gird up thy loins like a man: I will ask thee, and do thou tell me. [3] Wilt thou make void my judgment: and condemn me, that… Continue Reading →

Amasias’ reign – 2 Paralipomenon, chapter 25 (2 Chronicles)

0views 0shareAmasias’ reign: he beginneth well, but endeth ill: he is overthrown by Joas, and slain by his people. [1] Amasias was five and twenty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned nine and twenty years in… Continue Reading →

David respects the life of Saul – 1 Samuel, chapter 26 (1st Kings)

0views 0shareSaul goeth out again after David, who cometh by night where Saul and his men are asleep, but suffereth him not to be touched. Saul again confesseth his fault, and promiseth peace. [1] And the men of Ziph came… Continue Reading →

Azarias – 4th Book of Kings, chapter 15

0views 0shareThe reign of Azarias, and Joatham in Juda: and of Zacharias, Sellum, Manahem, Phaceia, and Phacee in Israel. [1] In the seven and twentieth year of Jeroboam king of Israel reigned Azarias son of Amasias, king of Juda. [2]… Continue Reading →

The Levites are numbered – Numbers, chapter 3

0views 0shareThe Levites are numbered and their offices distinguished. They are taken in the place of the firstborn of the children of Israel. [1] These are the generations of Aaron and Moses in the day that the Lord spoke to… Continue Reading →

Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt – Genesis, chapter 42

0views 0shareJacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt. Their treatment by Joseph. [1] And Jacob hearing that food was sold in Egypt, said to his sons: Why are ye careless? [2] I have heard that wheat is… Continue Reading →

Judith’s speech to Holofernes – Book of Judith, chapter 11

0views 1share[1] Then Holofernes said to her: Be of good comfort, and fear not in thy heart: for I have never hurt a man that was willing to serve Nabuchodonosor the king. [2] And if thy people had not despised… Continue Reading →

The walls of Jericho fall down – Joshua, chapter 6

0views 0shareAfter seven days’ processions, the priests sounding the trumpets, the walls of Jericho fall down: and the city is taken and destroyed. [1] Now Jericho was close shut up and fenced, for fear of the children of Israel, and… Continue Reading →

The providence of God – Book of Job, chapter 39

0views 0shareThe wonders of the power and providence of God in many of his creatures. [1] Knowest thou the time when the wild goats bring forth among the rocks, or hast thou observed the hinds when they fawn? [2] Hast… Continue Reading →

Joiada – 2 Paralipomenon, chapter 24 (2 Chronicles)

1views 0shareJoas reigneth well all the days of Joiada: afterwards falleth into idolatry and causeth Zacharias to be slain. He is slain himself by his servants. [1] Joas was seven years old when he began to reign: and he reigned… Continue Reading →

The death of Samuel – 1 Samuel, chapter 25 (1st Kings)

0views 0shareThe death of Samuel. David, provoked by Nabal, threateneth to destroy him: but is appeased by Abigail. [1] And Samuel died, and all Israel was gathered together, and they mourned for him, and buried him in his house in… Continue Reading →

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