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We invite you to view our inventory of books here at vivacristorey.org. One can learn a lot from prayer and from the writings of Catholic authors. So welcome! Welcome!

Obstacles to Consent (MT #12)

The obstacles to consent are all those factors that take away or lessen the voluntariness of an act. Thus, the actual obstacles that affect the intellect are reduced to ignorance, spoken of above; those that affect the will are passion… Continue Reading →

Kinds of Voluntary Acts (MT #11)

A voluntary act is free or necessary, according as one can or cannot abstain from it. The vision of God in heaven is voluntary to the blessed, since they look at Him knowingly and gladly; but it is not free,… Continue Reading →

Knowledge Requisite for a Human Act (MT #10)

Knowledge Requisite for a Human Act An act is human, or voluntary, when it is deliberately desired; and, since nothing can be deliberately desired unless it is known, an act done without knowledge is not human or voluntary. Thus, a… Continue Reading →

Acts as Human (MT #9)

(Summa Theologica, I-II, qq. 6-17.) Human acts are a means to man’s Last End, inasmuch as they are meritorious: Labors that deserve a recompense (I Cor., iii. 8) Struggles that deserve a crown (II Tim., ii. 5). But works are… Continue Reading →

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, September 10

Confessor. Glory of the Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine, Saint Nicholas is one of the most miraculous Saints in the Church. But the greatest of his miracles was putting an end to the Great Western schism. V/. Saint Nicholas… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saint Gorgonius of Nicomedia, September 9

Martyr. Employed in Diocletian’s imperial palace, he converted all his companions to the faith. In the end, he and Doroteo, hanged and torn apart, their entrails split open and sprinkled with vinegar and salt, were grilled and finally slaughtered. V/…. Continue Reading →

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, September 8

Martyr. He was pagan; But he was fortunate enough to marry a very fervent Christian girl, Natalia, who converted him to the faith, and soon struggled for martyrdom, without separating from him in prison or in torment. When they said… Continue Reading →

Nativity of Our Lady, September 8

Catholic Feast. “Your birth, oh Virgin Mary!, Was joyful news for the world; because from You was born the Sun of righteousness, Christ our Lord, who by destroying the curse gave us the blessing, and by defeating death, gave us… Continue Reading →

Article 1: The Last End of Man (MT #8)

(Summa Theologica, I-II, qq. 1-5; Contra Gentes, IV, cc. 1-63.) Existence of the Last End Every deliberate act proceeds from the will, and, since the will pursues good as its goal, it follows that every deliberate act is done for some… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Extremadura, Spain) September 6

Catholic Feast. (This feast is not to be confused with the Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico.) Among the famous sanctuaries that are raised throughout the Spanish territory in honor of the Mother of God, one of the… Continue Reading →

Saint Lawrence Justinian, 5 September

Bishop and Confessor. From an illustrious Venetian family, for the love of Christ crucified he renounced an advantageous marriage and all the delights of the world, to consecrate himself to God in religious life, where he treated his body extremely… Continue Reading →

The Division and Order of Parts in Moral Theology (MT #7)

The arrangement of his matter made by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica is admittedly unsurpassed and unsurpassable in the qualities that good distribution should have, viz., clearness, connection between parts, completeness. Hence, we cannot do better than follow the order… Continue Reading →

Saint Stephen I, King of Hungary, September 2

Confessor. Descendant of the barbarian Huns, he converted his vassals to Christ and marvelously raised the culture of his kingdom, which he consecrated to the Virgin Mary and made fiefdom of the Holy See. He was a charitable father of… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saint Giles, September 1

Abbot. He was an Athenian, of royal descent; Famous for his miracles, he moved away from his homeland to hide in a forest on the banks of the Rhone, where he lived a hermit life. Later he founded and governed… Continue Reading →

Saint Raymond Nonnatus, August 31

Confessor. He is called Nonnatus (non natus, unborn), because he was removed from the entrails of his deceased mother. From a noble Catalan family, the Blessed Virgin called him to the newly founded Order of Mercy. He went to Africa… Continue Reading →

Saint Rose of Lima, August 30

Virgin. The most beautiful rose that has sprouted on American soil in the first century of Spanish rule, is the Virgin of Lima, who deserved to hear from the lips of Christ: “Rose of my Heart!” WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST… Continue Reading →

The history of Cain and Abel, Genesis, Chapter 4

[1] And Adam knew Eve his wife: who conceived and brought forth Cain, saying: I have gotten a man through God. [2] And again she brought forth his brother Abel. And Abel was a shepherd, and Cain a husbandman. [3]… Continue Reading →

Saint Sabina of Rome, August 29

Martyr. Roman matron of high birth status, died beheaded for the Christian faith in 126. V: Saint Sabina.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast August 29 Born 2nd centuryRome Died 126Rome Nationality Roman Canonization Pre-congregation Patronage N/A

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, August 29

Catholic Feast. “That is not lawful for you!” The Baptist said to Herod with unbreakable strength, who was publicly living in adultery with his sister-in-law Herodias. The evil female swore mortal hatred to him, and did not rest until she… Continue Reading →

The first temptation, Genesis, Chapter 3

[1] Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman: Why hath God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree… Continue Reading →

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