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David, King in Jerusalem, Chapter 5 – The Bible (2 Kings)

21views 0shareDavid is anointed king of all Israel. He taketh Jerusalem, and dwelleth there. He defeateth the Philistines. [1] Then all the tribes of Israel came to David in Hebron, saying: Behold we are thy bone and thy flesh. [2]… Continue Reading →

Victory for the Jews. Esther, Chapter 9 – The Bible

20views 0shareThe Jews kill their enemies that would have killed them. The days of Phurim are appointed to be kept holy. [1] So on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which as we have said above is called Adar,… Continue Reading →

History of Solomon’s Reign. 2 Paralipomenon, Chapter 1 – The Bible

31views 0shareSolomon offereth sacrifices at Gabaon. His choice of wisdom which God giveth him. [1] And Solomon the son of David was strengthened in his kingdom, and the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him to a high… Continue Reading →

The altar. Exodus, Chapter 27 – The Bible

41views 0shareThe altar; and the court of the tabernacle with its hangings and pillars. Provision of oil for lamps. [1] Thou shalt make also an altar of setim wood, which shall be five cubits long and as many broad, that… Continue Reading →

Humanity towards neighbours. Deuteronomy, Chapter 22 – The Bible

16views 0shareHumanity towards neighbours. Neither sex may use the apparel of the other. Cruelty to be avoided even to birds. Battlements about the roof of a house. Things of divers kinds not to be mixed. The punishment of him that… Continue Reading →

Isboseth is murdered. 2 Samuel, Chapter 4 – The Bible (2 Kings)

28views 0shareIsboseth is murdered by two of his servants. David punisheth the murderers. [1] And Isboseth the son of Saul heard that Abner was slain in Hebron: and his hands were weakened, and all Israel was troubled. [2] Now the… Continue Reading →

Edict in favor of the Jews. Esther, Chapter 8 – The Bible

14views 0shareMardochai is advanced: Aman’s letters are reversed. [1] On that day king Assuerus gave the house of Aman, the Jews’ enemy, to queen Esther, and Mardochai came in before the king. For Esther had confessed to him that he… Continue Reading →

The abode or habitation. Exodus, Chapter 26 – The Bible

31views 0shareThe form of the tabernacle with its appurtenances. [1] And thou shalt make the tabernacle in this manner: Thou shalt make ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, diversified with embroidery. [2]… Continue Reading →

Voluntary contributions for the building of the temple. 1 Paralipomenon, Chapter 29 – The Bible

23views 0shareDavid by word and example encourageth the princes to contribute liberally to the building of the temple. His thanksgiving, prayer, and sacrifices: his death. [1] And king David said to all the assembly: Solomon my son, whom alone God… Continue Reading →

The expiation of a secret murder. Deuteronomy, Chapter 21 – The Bible

21views 0shareThe expiation of a secret murder. The marrying a captive. The eldest son must not be deprived of his birthright for hatred of his mother. A stubborn son is to be stoned to death. When one is hanged on… Continue Reading →

Civil war between the house of David and the house of Saul, 2 Samuel, Chapter 3 – The Bible (2 Kings)

43views 0shareDavid groweth daily stronger. Abner cometh over to him: he is treacherously slain by Joab. [1] Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: David prospering and growing always stronger and… Continue Reading →

Esther, Chapter 7, Old Testament – The Bible

27views 0shareEsther’s petition for herself and her people: Aman is hanged upon the gibbet he had prepared for Mardochai. [1] So the king and Aman went in, to drink with the queen. [2] And the king said to her again… Continue Reading →

Making the tabernacle, Exodus, Chapter 25 – The Bible

35views 0shareOfferings prescribed for making the tabernacle, the ark, the candlestick, etc. [1] And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: [2] Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring firstfruits to me: of every man that offereth of his… Continue Reading →

The Divine Motherhood of Our Lady, October 11

61views 1shareCatholic Feast The most glorious title of the Blessed Virgin, and the reason for all her greatness and privileges, is to be the Mother of God. At the celebration of the XV centenary of the Council of Ephesus, which… Continue Reading →

David’s recommendations to Solomon for the temple. 1 Paralipomenon, Chapter 28 – The Bible

50views 0shareDavid’s speech, in a solemn assembly: his exhortation to Solomon. He giveth him a pattern of the temple. [1] And David assembled all the chief men of Israel, the princes of the tribes, and the captains of the companies,… Continue Reading →

The war. Deuteronomy, Chapter 20 – The Bible

38views 0shareLaws relating to war. [1] If thou go out to war against thy enemies, and see horsemen and chariots, and the numbers of the enemy’s army greater than thine, thou shalt not fear them: because the Lord thy God… Continue Reading →

David, King of Juda, 2 Samuel, Chapter 2 – The Bible (2 Kings)

39views 2sharesDavid is received and anointed king of Juda. Isboseth the son of Saul reigneth over the rest of Israel. A battle between Abner and Joab. [1] And after these things David consulted the Lord, saying: Shall I go up… Continue Reading →

Judith’s prayer, Book of Judith, Chapter 9 – The Bible

47views 2sharesJudith’s prayer, to beg of God to fortify her in her undertaking. [1] And when they were gone, Judith went into her oratory: and putting on haircloth, laid ashes on her head: and falling down prostrate before the Lord,… Continue Reading →

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, September 10

73views 1shareConfessor. Glory of the Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine, Saint Nicholas is one of the most miraculous Saints in the Church. But the greatest of his miracles was putting an end to the Great Western schism. V/. Saint… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saint Gorgonius of Nicomedia, September 9

92views 1shareMartyr. Employed in Diocletian’s imperial palace, he converted all his companions to the faith. In the end, he and Doroteo, hanged and torn apart, their entrails split open and sprinkled with vinegar and salt, were grilled and finally slaughtered…. Continue Reading →

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