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Saint Hermes, August 28

Martyr. A person of high position, it was because of his faith that he was beheaded in Rome at the beginning of the second century, in the year 116. V: Saint Hermes.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast… Continue Reading →

Saint Augustine of Hippo, August 28

Bishop, Confessor and Doctor. He was born in Thagaste, Africa. His powerful intelligence lost in the study of philosophy and sects, and his fiery heart dominated by the passions of youth, he was drawn to the knowledge and love of… Continue Reading →

Saint Joseph Calasanz, August 27

Confessor. (1556-1648). Among the great educators of the people, our Saint Joseph Calasanz stands out. He was born in Peralta de la Sal, in Huesca. After an exemplary life in priestly ministry, he went to Rome, where he emulated the… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Pope Saint Zephyrinus, August 26

Pope and Martyr. Against the Sabellian heretics he defended the dogma of the Holy Trinity. He ruled the Church in peace for eighteen years and suffered martyrdom in the persecution of Antoninus, in the year 217. V: Pope Saint Zephyrinus.A:… Continue Reading →

Saint Micaela of the Blessed Sacrament, August 25

Virgin. (1809-1885). She was born in Madrid, of noble descent. From a young age, she devoted herself to reforming fallen girls and preserving those in danger. Her love for the Eucharist bordered on the miraculous. She suffered terrible persecution with… Continue Reading →

Saint Louis IX King of France, August 25

King and Confessor. First cousin of Saint Ferdinand, he was very Christianly educated by his mother, the great Queen of France, Blanche of Castile. From the throne he shone with heroic examples of a Christian ruler, upright, pious, exemplary charitable… Continue Reading →

Saint Bartholomew, August 24

Apostle and Martyr. Saint Bartholomew (son of Ptolemy) is supposed to be Nathanael himself, whose first interview with Jesus is described by Saint John in his Gospel. (John 1:45) He evangelized India, from where he went to Greater Armenia. He… Continue Reading →

Saint Philip Benizi, August 23

Confessor. A native of Florence, he entered the Order of the Servites, of which he became Superior General. Throughout almost all of Europe and much of Asia he missioned and extended his Order, for which he suffered terrible bitterness. On… Continue Reading →

Saints Timothy, Hipólito and Sinforiano, August 22

Martyrs. On this day, but with a distance of many years and in various places, martyrdom was suffered by: Saint Timothy, cleric of Antioch, beheaded in Rome in 311, Saint Hippolytus, Bishop, in Ostia, in 225; the young Sinforiano, slaughtered… Continue Reading →

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, August 22

Feast. It is only just that, with the triumphant spread of the salubrious devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the world, we also pay fervent worship to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, throne of grace, whose devotion… Continue Reading →

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal August 21

Widow. Disciple of Saint Francis de Sales, and with him co-founded of the Order of the Visitation, she sanctified herself as a single woman by her horror of the Huguenot heresy; as a married woman, for the faithful fulfillment of… Continue Reading →

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux August 20

Abbot and Doctor. (1091-1153). He is, non other than the founder, the admirable propagator and the most illustrious ornament of the Cistercian Order, the guide of the twelfth century, the promoter of the Second Crusade, a formidable controversialist, a fruitful… Continue Reading →

Saint John Eudes, August 19

Confessor. Educated by the Jesuits, and a congregant of the Blessed Virgin, he founded in 1643 the Institute of Jesus and Mary, also called Eudists, dedicated to missions and seminaries. In 1644, he founded the Congregation of the Daughters of… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saint Agapitus of Palestrina, August 18

Martyr. A fifteen-year-old boy who was beheaded for being a Christian in Palestrina, Italy, in the year 275. V: Saint Agapitus.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast August 18 Born 3rd century AD Died 267 AD or 274 ADPalestrina,… Continue Reading →

Saint Hyacinth of Poland August 17

Confessor. Of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), he missioned for forty years to Austria, Poland and Scandinavia; he ruled and propagated his Order, and wrought innumerable wonders. V: Saint Hyacinth.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast August 17… Continue Reading →

Saint Joachim, Father of Our Lady, August 16

Confessor. Among all the Saints, Saint Joachim was preferred to be the father of the Mother of God. Great, then, is his dignity, and great is the power of his intercessory worth with his most blessed daughter, who is the… Continue Reading →

The Assumption of Our Lady, August 15

Catholic Feast. The Mother of God went through the trance of death; but her death, caused by love and desire to be with her Divine Son, was similar to a most sweet dream; shortly after, her soul returned to run… Continue Reading →

Vigil of the Assumption, August 14

Catholic Feast. Today is the day to purify our spirit and prepare it to celebrate the glorious triumph of the Mother of God. V: Most Blessed Mother.A: Pray for us.

Saint Eusebius of Rome August 14

Confessor. A hermit in the fourth century, he fought the Arians and, imprisoned in his home for six months, rested with a death similar to martyrdom. V: Saint Eusebius.A: Pray for us.

Commemoration of Saints Hippolytus and Cassiano, August 13

Martyrs. Saint Hippolytus, converted and baptized by Saint Lawrence, gave his life for Christ, dragged by wild horses. Saint Cassian, a schoolmaster, was handed over by the tyrant to his own disciples, who tormented him terribly. V: Saints Hippolytus and… Continue Reading →

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