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Saint John Eudes, August 19

Confessor. Educated by the Jesuits, and a congregant of the Blessed Virgin, he founded in 1643 the Institute of Jesus and Mary, also called Eudists, dedicated to missions and seminaries. In 1644, he founded the Congregation of the Daughters of… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saint Agapitus of Palestrina, August 18

Martyr. A fifteen-year-old boy who was beheaded for being a Christian in Palestrina, Italy, in the year 275. V: Saint Agapitus.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast August 18 Born 3rd century AD Died 267 AD or 274 ADPalestrina,… Continue Reading →

Saint Hyacinth of Poland August 17

Confessor. Of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), he missioned for forty years to Austria, Poland and Scandinavia; he ruled and propagated his Order, and wrought innumerable wonders. V: Saint Hyacinth.A: Pray for us. Info of the Saint: Feast August 17… Continue Reading →

Saint Joachim, Father of Our Lady, August 16

Confessor. Among all the Saints, Saint Joachim was preferred to be the father of the Mother of God. Great, then, is his dignity, and great is the power of his intercessory worth with his most blessed daughter, who is the… Continue Reading →

Saint Eusebius of Rome August 14

Confessor. A hermit in the fourth century, he fought the Arians and, imprisoned in his home for six months, rested with a death similar to martyrdom. V: Saint Eusebius.A: Pray for us.

Commemoration of Saints Hippolytus and Cassiano, August 13

Martyrs. Saint Hippolytus, converted and baptized by Saint Lawrence, gave his life for Christ, dragged by wild horses. Saint Cassian, a schoolmaster, was handed over by the tyrant to his own disciples, who tormented him terribly. V: Saints Hippolytus and… Continue Reading →

Saint Clare of Assisi August 12

Virgin. Led by St. Francis, she founded the second Franciscan Order for women, called Poor Clares, of great austerity and poverty, and widely propagated in the Church. She worked great wonders in life; Among others, she contravened the Saracens’ attack… Continue Reading →

Commemoration of Saints Tiburcio and Susana, August 11

Martyrs. Tiburcio, son of the Prefect of Rome, walked unharmed through the flames, and said to his executioners: “That you may know, that the only God is that of Christians. “ Saint Tiburcio He died unjustly beheaded in the year… Continue Reading →

Saint Lawrence August 10

Deacon and Martyr. No Saint, after Saint Peter and Saint Paul, was celebrated in Rome with greater enthusiasm than the Spanish Saint Lawrence, the third protector of the Eternal City. His church is one of the five patriarchal basilicas. His… Continue Reading →

Saint Roman of Rome, August 9

Martyr. He was a Roman soldier, who, admiring the courage of Saint Lawrence, asked to receive baptism and went ahead first to receive the crown of martyrdom. V: Saint Roman.A: Pray for us.

Saint John Vianney, (Curé d’Ars), August 9

Confessor. (1786-1859). In the middle of the 19th century, the humble priest of the village of Ars, of little brightness for ecclesiastical studies, but intimately united with God through prayer, penance and the exercise of pastoral zeal, carried out for… Continue Reading →

Saints Cyriacus, Largus, Smaragdus and companions, August 8

Martyrs. Twenty-three Martyrs, lead by the Deacon Saint Cyriacus and his two companions, presented their necks to the hangman’s ax in the last and most terrible of the Roman persecutions in the year 303. V: Saint Cyriacus and companions.A: Pray… Continue Reading →

Saint Donatus, August 7

Bishop and Martyr. Bishop of Arezzo in Tuscany, he was beheaded by order of Emperor Julian the Apostate in 362. V: Saint Donatus.A: Pray for us.

Saint Cajetan of Thiene, August 7

Confessor. He founded the Order of  the Congregation of Clerks Regular of the Divine Providence or Theatine Clerks in 1524, dedicated to imitate the life of the Apostles. He himself and by his Order was one of the distinguished promoters of… Continue Reading →

Justus and Pastor, August 6

Martyrs The men trembled before the barbarous persecution of the prefect Publio Daciano; But two boys and brothers who attended school, Justus, age seven, and Pastor, age nine, spontaneously appeared in court. Beaten and their bodies whipped, the two lambs… Continue Reading →

Saints Sixtus II, Pope; Felicissimus and Agapitus, Martyrs, August 6

Sixtus, an Athenian philosopher, converted to the only true faith, came to the chair of Saint Peter. Of his seven Deacons, six suffered with him: Felicissimus, Agapitus, Jenarus, Magnus, Vicent and Stephen; the seventh, the incomparable Saint Lawrence confessed Christ… Continue Reading →

Saint Dominic of Guzman, August 4

Confessor The fervent preacher of the Christian faith; the Holy athlete, gentle to his own, terrible to his enemies, was born in the happy town of Caleruega, in the province of Burgos, diocese of Osma, protected by the Lion of… Continue Reading →

Saint Stephen, August 2

Pope and Martyr He declared the repetition of baptism unlawful and invalid, even in the case of heretics who had validly received it. Just celebrating, he was beheaded in his own chair. V: Saint Estephen.A: Pray for us.

Saint Alphonsus Maria of Ligouri, August 2

Bishop, Confessor and Doctor When the wave of impiety grew and announced the frightful storm of the revolution, God raised up Saint Alphonsus so that, for himself and for his Redemptorist children, he renewed in the faithful the fervor of… Continue Reading →

The Holy Maccabees, August 1

Martyrs. There were seven brothers who, supported by their heroic mother, preferred to die amid terrible torments rather than be unfaithful to the law of the Lord. Their martyrdom is described in the Holy Bible, Book II of the Maccabees… Continue Reading →

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