Bishop and Martyr.

A.D. 130 – A.D. 202

Saint Irenaeus, (also known as, Irenaeus of Lyon), was a disciple of Saint Polycarp who was in turn a disciple of the Apostle Saint John.

He took possession of the episcopal see of Lyon in the year A.D. 189, this Holy Bishop is recognized for his works against the false religion of the Gnostics who held that Jesus was not God and true man.

To attack these heresies, the Holy Bishop declared that the Blessed Virgin Mary repaired Eve’s disobedience, with which Our Lord Jesus Christ obtained human nature to redeem it and at the same time maintained the holiness of God.

It is Catholic tradition that the Holy Bishop Irenaeus was martyred.

V: Saint Irenaeus.
A: Pray for us.

Phrase from Saint Irenaeus:

“The Christian’s obligation is nothing more than to be in constant preparation for death.”

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TITLE: St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori on How to accept and love the will of God and his Divine Providence Includes quotations from St. John, Isaias, the Song of Songs, St. Bernard, etc.
AUTHOR: St. Alphonsus Liguori
EDITOR: Pablo Claret

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