Queen and Widow.

She was the daughter of Pedro III of Aragon, granddaughter of the great Jaime I the conqueror and niece-granddaughter of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (Nov. 19), whose heroic virtues she emulated. Many kings aspired for her hand in marriage; and at last she married Dionysius I of Portugal, whose light conduct she tolerated until bringing him on the right path.

In life she was called the Holy Queen and the Peacemaker Queen. Her birth reconciled the father and the grandfather. She pacified her husband with her son, and him with the King of Castile, grandson of the Saint. That is why she is a lawyer for peace.

A widow, she shone for austerity towards herself and inexhaustible generosity towards the Church and towards the poor (1271-1336). She was solemnly canonized in the Holy Year of 1625.

V: Saint Elizabeth.
A: Pray for us.

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