Saint Fabian, an incomparable man, of great purity and holiness, ordered that the Acts of the Martyrs be written. He suffered martyrdom on January 20, 250.

Thirty-eight years later, also on January 20, Saint Sebastian suffered. This brave soldier enjoyed the favor of the Emperor Diocletian, and with him he became a defender of the Church: he visited imprisoned Christians and encouraged them to martyrdom. Upon hearing the barbarian Emperor of the deeds of the saint, he condemned him to die by shooting arrows. Left for dead, a holy widow picked up his body, still alive, and cared for him until he convalesced. He presented himself again to Diocletian, rebuking him for his cruelty, and the tyrant made him die beaten. He is one of the most distinguished martyrs of Rome, and a helper against the plague.

Great wonders worked the faith of the Old Testament patriarchs, prophets, and saints: which is a mirror of the strength of our martyrs.

V/. Saint Fabian and Sebastian
R/. Pray for us.