Confessor and Doctor

He was born in Lisbon, and at the age of fourteen he entered a community of Canons Regular. But at nineteen, eager for martyrdom, he entered the newly founded Order of St. Francis, where he admired the world with his popular eloquence, heroic holiness, and stupendous miracles. His inflamed word resounded in all the cities of Italy and the South of France with some gatherings reaching 30,000 people; he raised the pulpit in the middle of the squares and on the plains of the country. His wisdom in Divine Scripture earned him the title of “Ark of the Testament.” This luminary of Portugal was extinguished for the earth in Padua, at thirty-five years of age, and there his sacred body rests. He is Patron of the Antonian Youth and one of the most popular and miraculous Saints.

His Holiness Pius XII proclaimed him Doctor of the Church.

V/. Saint Anthony of Padua.
R/. Pray for us.