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Saint Ambrose, (Aurelius Ambrosius) also known as Saint Ambrose of Milan, was born in 339 in the city of Treves, (Augusta Treverorum) in what is now modern-day Germany. He had the grace of being born in a Christian family.

God showed early on a predilection for Saint Ambrose. One time while he was a baby, a group of bees settled on his face, leaving behind a drop of honey. When his father saw this he interpreted correctly as a sign of God that in the future he will be eloquent in defending the only true faith with his “honeyed tongue”.

Her mother was pious and charitable, and at the time of St. Ambrose his family had already being blessed with one saint that died as a martyr, the Virgin Soteris, a woman of great beauty and excellent faith.

Saint Ambrose was the youngest of three siblings. Eventually, Saint Ambrose will have the consolation of his two siblings also becoming saints. Saint Satyrus of Milan, the confessor of Saint Ambrose. And Saint Marcellina, who became a consecrated Virgin devoted to prayer  and asceticism.

He studied at Rome, but initially only to pursue a secular career as a judicial councillor.

In 374, Ambrose was unexpectedly chosen to be the Bishop of Milan, despite the fact that he was still a layman and had not yet been ordained as a bishop. He accepted the appointment, and he spent the next several decades serving as the bishop of Milan, dedicating himself to the service of God and the Church. He adopted an ascetic lifestyle, give away his money to the poor, only setting aside a portion for his beloved sister Marcellina.

Saint Ambrose dedicated himself to refute the heresy of arianism, and he relentlessly worked to extirpate such error both in writing and by helping set up a synod that was held at Aquilea in the year 381, in that synod he was elected president and two Arian Bishops were justly deposed.

Saint Ambrose passed away on April 4, 397, and his body can still be viewed in the church of Saint Ambrogio in Milan, where it has been continuously venerated.

He is also the patron saint of Milan, beekeepers, candle makers, beggars and students, and his intercession is powerful in gaining graces from God to all who sincerely ask him for help.

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