The church is called upon to praise God for his peculiar graces and favours to his people. In the Hebrew, this psalm is joined to the foregoing. Alleluia.

12 Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem: praise thy God, O Sion. 13 Because he hath strengthened the bolts of thy gates, he hath blessed thy children within thee. 14 Who hath placed peace in thy borders: and filleth thee with the fat of corn. 15 Who sendeth forth his speech to the earth: his word runneth swiftly. 16 Who giveth snow like wool: scattereth mists like ashes.

17 He sendeth his crystal like morsels: who shall stand before the face of his cold? 18 He shall send out his word, and shall melt them: his wind shall blow, and the waters shall run. 19 Who declareth his word to Jacob: his justices and his judgments to Israel. 20 He hath not done in like manner to every nation: and his judgments he hath not made manifest to them. Alleluia.


[17] “He sendeth his crystal”: That is, his ice. Some understand it of hail, which is, as it were, ice, divided into particles or morsels.

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