Oh, glorious and Blessed Saint Alexius! Faithful, pious and good servant that you are, enjoying the glory of God, obtain me the favor to separate me from all evil.

Blessed Saint Alexius, you have the power to drive away all the evil that surrounds the servants of the Lord, attain for me that my enemies do not attack me unjustly; you who found favor before Mary, take me away from Satan, who sows tares around me, protect me from the one who with evils, magic, spells or sorceries wants to harm me; Free me from evil tongues, from gossip, defamation and set ups, from everyone who wants to see me surrendered and sunk.

Remove me from envy and injustice, separate me from jealousy and rancor, from infidelity, from betrayal, hide me where those who want to cause my eternal perdition cannot find me.

Oh Glorious Saint Alexius, bring me closer to Jesus and Mary, so that with their Kindness they shower me with all their goods, and grant me the grace that I humbly request:

(Insert request here)

Blessed Saint Alexius: for the Blessed Virgin Mary, for her beloved Son Jesus Christ and for the grace of the Holy Spirit, have mercy on me and do not ignore my request. Amen.

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TITLE: The Four Last Things: Death. Judgment. Hell. Heaven. “Remember thy last end, and thou shalt never sin.” a Traditional Catholic Classic for Spiritual Reform.
AUTHOR: Father Martin Von Cochem
EDITOR: Pablo Claret

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