[1] And the Lord answering Job out of the whirlwind, said: [2] Gird up thy loins like a man: I will ask thee, and do thou tell me. [3] Wilt thou make void my judgment: and condemn me, that thou mayst be justified? [4] And hast thou an arm like God, and canst thou thunder with a voice like him? [5] Clothe thyself with beauty, and set thyself up on high and be glorious, and put on goodly garments.

[6] Scatter the proud in thy indignation, and behold every arrogant man, and humble him. [7] Look on all that are proud, and confound them, and crush the wicked in their place. [8] Hide them in the dust together, and plunge their faces into the pit. [9] Then I will confess that thy right hand is able to save thee. [10] Behold behemoth whom I made with thee, he eateth grass like an ox.

[11] His strength is in his loins, and his force in the navel of his belly. [12] He setteth up his tail like a cedar, the sinews of his testicles are wrapped together. [13] His bones are like pipes of brass, his gristle like plates of iron. [14] He is the beginning of the ways of God, who made him, he will apply his sword. [15] To him the mountains bring forth grass: there all the beasts of the field shall play.

[16] He sleepeth under the shadow, in the covert of the reed, and in moist places. [17] The shades cover his shadow, the willows of the brook shall compass him about. [18] Behold, he will drink up a river, and not wonder: and he trusteth that the Jordan may run into his mouth. [19] In his eyes as with a hook he shall take him, and bore through his nostrils with stakes. [20] Canst thou draw out the leviathan with a hook, or canst thou tie his tongue with a cord?

[21] Canst thou put a ring in his nose, or bore through his jaw with a buckle? [22] Will he make many supplications to thee, or speak soft words to thee? [23] Will he make a covenant with thee, and wilt thou take him to be a servant for ever? [24] Shalt thou play with him as with a bird, or tie him up for thy handmaids? [25] Shall friends cut him in pieces, shall merchants divide him?

[26] Wilt thou fill nets with his skin, and the cabins of fishes with his head? [27] Lay thy hand upon him: remember the battle, and speak no more. [28] Behold his hope shall fail him, and in the sight of all he shall be cast down.


[10] “Behemoth”: In Hebrew, behema, which signifies in general an animal; but many authors explain, that here it is put for the elephant.

[14] “He will apply his sword”: This text is variously explained: some explain the sword, the horn given to the animal for his defence: others, the power that God hath given to the animal for his defence: others, the power that God hath given to man to slay him, notwithstanding his great size and strength.

[20] “Leviathan”: The whale or some sea monster.

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